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The goodie bag included coffee. This is peak Portland

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I'm happy to announce the release of pazi 0.1.0! If you spend lots of time in your shell, pazi might help you get around!

I'm at Rustconf tomorrow (and Portland for half a day today and Saturday)!

If anyone wants to meet up, let me know

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is there anybody out there

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conspiracy theory:
firefox has services called “firefox sync” and “firefox send”
rust has traits called Sync and Send
firefox and rust are both mozilla projects


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You can lead a horse to a bridge but you can't make em burn it

You can't judge a bridge by burning it

There are always other lines in the sand

The early bird wins the race

You can draw your friends, you can draw your nose, but you can't draw your line in the sand

We'll cross that t when we get to it

We'll cross that line in the sand when we draw it

Whe "docker help" opens a pinentry prompt, that's when you know you're beyond help (

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