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I have found a new beefy miracle

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bad joke, jorts Show more

Only a few days left in the linux factory!
I'm a little scared and reasonably excited to see how this stint of freedom goes.

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just realized that AOL instant messenger survived long enough to see itself become vaporwave

"fbjszo eef"
"jfszbe eof"

irb > "jeff bezos".chars.permutation.to_a.sample.join
=> "jobef zefs"

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mods can't use the moderator interface, send BGP shitposts

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how is stealing fonts so hard all i wanted was 8 letters for a dumb meme but now my meme has to use a worse font
my meme has been ruined and the british government switching fonts is to blame

@doof's packaging is top-notch.

The alternating 'doof' and '&knuckles' put a smile on my face.

Apparently .aero originally reserved all three letter domains for IATA codes, but only a couple hundred airports took them up on it

For a sense of scale on 'only 227 registered one', there are currently 9161 IATA airport codes

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A sql database? Oh you mean multiplayer spreadsheets

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I would like to apologize to other users of; outgoing emails were inoperable for the last several weeks due to a misconfiguration.
The issue has been fixed. All monitoring alarms which did not sound have been fired.

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wobscale service announcement:

wobscale is migrating its social media presence to this account.

this is not considered downtime for billing purposes.

I'm amazed this number is not much bigger.
"Eat my jorts" - Bort Simpson

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also, "companies are people", alexa style