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I'm moving from SF to Seattle. For the next week my job is putting things in physical containers rather than digital containers.

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@muon Good profile image! Welcome to the :mysql_real_wob:

Most depressing moment was actually the visitor opinion whiteboard with the question "Is prison labor good or bad?" 8x "yeah, it's good" to 1x "it's slavery". 😞

I finally visited Alcatraz. I can now leave San Francisco.
It had some nice ambiance and also some nice depressing moments.
All-in-all, worth doing once and exactly once.

@rrix btw, I'm doing the Coast Starlight at the end of this month, partly thanks to your recommendation. ty!

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updated to firefox 57, the experimental built-in U2F support works 😄

Please don't jackhammer outside my window at midnight

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I have joined the wobodon! has begun sounding the Clacks

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'A woman is not dead as long as her name is spoken.'
Natalie Nguyen, @tipsytentacle, ?–2017.

X-Clacks-Overhead: GNU Natalie Nguyen
Broadcasters:,,, If you are an instance admin, consider broadcasting a clacks overhead.

I should probably not have the ability to define emoji :gentoo:

Who gave me this power?

I log out of the fediverse for two days and I come back to oats.

I can barley understand wheat or rye this has happened