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Speaking of rust, the current thing I'm doing is rewriting the subset of `fasd` I use in rust.

Digging up the multiple ways to implement frecency was cool!

The "right" modern way appears to be

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What do you call a group of rust developers?

A cargo cult 🥁

Help I wrote way too much jq and I got some of it wrong and now my filename has a newline and the string 'null' in it

3. If the check-for-apache-bug flag is set, execute the rules for distinguishing if a resource is text or binary and abort these steps.

Linux prime-radiant 4.12.5-gentoo #1 SMP

My machine's the #1 smp.
I should get it a mug with that on it.

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"fatal: You are on a branch yet to be born" might be the weirdest error I've ever seen out of git

> scrub paused since Wed Dec 31 16:01:37 1969

Unix timestamp - ??? = ???

In reality the scrub only takes a little under a day; just takes a few minutes to pick up during which I get that message

(scan is slow, no estimated time)

❤ zfs for trying not to frighten me by printing "1 month to go"

The two worst things about this ridiculously hot weather:
1. It's a reminder that we, humans, are slowly destroying the planet for us and other animals
2. Hot tea is less enjoyable

I'm still waiting to find out how. Maybe an email after a nightly cronjob that handles all the f5s?

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Help I have music stuck in my head but I don't know what it is

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Wobscale Project Stratum 1 is a stratum 1 NTP server running on a raspberry pi, electrical taped to our antenna mast on the 30th floor of the westin building (since that's where we have access to a window)

like all Wobscale projects, there is absolutely no reason to do this

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today in hobbyist network operations emails:

> Thank you for peering with G o o g l e !

I bet this looks pretty cool if my email client supports HTML but ain't nobody got time for that

checking whether elevator_change() is available... no

Please let me off at this flor

❇❇Favicon caching❇❇