day 2 of advent of code in nickel:

Currently nickel is taking 50 seconds to spew out 6 MBs errors.
After about line 50 it's just the same 4 lines repeated, you know, just 25k times.

It's probably right, I probably do have a type error, but it also isn't actually pointing to anywhere useful

It's giving C++ a solid run for its money here. I didn't even have to use templates or metaprogramming or whatever, just passed an int to a function that takes a string

Well, this time it took 4 minutes and produced 10MB of error output, so I think that means I fixed my bug but have one more. What a slow iteration speed.

On the bright side, I found my bug and it gave the correct answer.
However, the ~4GiB RSS and ~4 minutes of spinning a core is uh.. I dunno, seems like a lot for basically adding up 2500 numbers.
Done posting about today's AoC


I skipped posting these for a couple days since day 3 and 4 were pretty boring.
Day 5 again makes me afraid i may not complete all of them in nickel. My part 1 code took 60GiB of ram (I've only got 64!)
Either way, when AoC is done, I'll go upstream and drop a note about all the functions that weren't in the stdlib, but felt sorta like they could be

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