I've been annoyed by enough stuff in iOS that I'm going to just kinda keep a list via a mastodon thread as I run into or remember them.

To start with, I'll do the two that stick out the most:
1. iOS limits you to 1 timer at a time. On my android phone "Okay google, set a timer for 10 minutes. Okay google, set a timer for 20 minutes" resulted in two timers. iOS will only let you replace the older one. This still bugs me since it changes how I cook a bit.

2. It took me over a year to figure out that I could make my alarm fade in by going through setup in the health app... which now makes a special "sleep" alarm show up in the alarm app, which does fade in. But also has a different ux to set it and can only be set in increments of 5 minutes?
I would not have ever found this special type of alarm that does fade in by default if I hadn't googled this.
The health app changing the options in alarm app feels bonkers.


Another for the list:
Progressive web apps seem to only be addable to the home screen from safari. The "share" button on firefox-for-ios just doesn't have the option.

This came up because Japan's immigration app is a PWA now (awesome!), which meant I had to open safari-for-iphone for the first time in months (bleh), since I kinda do want offline access to this one.

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I'll add another one, since it hit me again today:
If I put the screen to sleep (tapping the power button) and change the volume up or down too near to each other, the volume gets "stuck" going up or down, and either goes to 0 or blasts my ears.

@ek I ran into this too!

On iOS it seems I have to use Safari. No other options. Wish this were better

On Android, only Chrome seems to be able to make a fully fledged PWA. Firefox you get a home screen icon, but it basically opens a single tab browser instance

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