The goodie bag included coffee. This is peak Portland

2/3 calenders consulted think May 31st was a Thursday.
I think you're in the minority here, Echo.'s packaging is top-notch.

The alternating 'doof' and '&knuckles' put a smile on my face.

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I'm amazed this number is not much bigger.
"Eat my jorts" - Bort Simpson

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Even from far away, Mt Fuji is awe inspiring

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The most unusual thing I've seen someone holding while riding a bike is now a live hawk

There was a TV with Kizune Ai explaining what a bidet is at NRT.
What a world we live in.

Anyways, it's really fun to try to just guess phrases at random that may work. A surprising number have for me!

On the other hand, I can make a 0 result into a 1 result by tooting about it presumably.

For example, "gentoo stalin" has no results right now.
Soon that will be fixed if this gets boosted :)

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