I like the 'yamato transport' logo so much.
It's a moving/package delivery company, and the logo is a cat transporting a kitten.
:kitten:🐱 (aww, no kitten emoji :( )

"The Gym told you to reject the evidence of your eyes. It was their final, most essential, step to making this route less confusing" - George Orwell's review of this black bouldering route at SBP

mildly indecent language 

also, I uh.. I did not expect an example sentence like this from such a totally innocent google search. The result at the bottom of the image.

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2/3 calenders consulted think May 31st was a Thursday.
I think you're in the minority here, Echo.

@doof@mastodon.social's packaging is top-notch.

The alternating 'doof' and '&knuckles' put a smile on my face.


3 million lines of "if err != nil"

If you can't tell, I'm sorting through some old files.


I dig the 4MB js file with broken cache headers, thanks Dockerhub.

This screenshot is stale though, they've since fixed the cache headers and also added .5MB to the js file.

I'm amazed this number is not much bigger.
"Eat my jorts" - Bort Simpson

alexa, gender 

I wonder what gender the programmer who wrote that "who's a good boy" line was?
Also, Catherine the great... nice


It's elaborate looking. The sauce was nothing special (not far off from just being tomato sauce tbh).
The size is good this time.
Contents were: grilled onions, green peppers, potatoes, and broccoli, refried beans, and tomatoes. The bit on top is guac, sour cream, and tomatoes (orange tomatoes for looks was a nice touch).

Note: no rice or salsa.

Overall, 5.5/10. Leaps and bounds better than the last one, but lots of room to improve. The potatoes were good, but weren't enough to save it.

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