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On the other hand, I can make a 0 result into a 1 result by tooting about it presumably.

For example, "gentoo stalin" has no results right now.
Soon that will be fixed if this gets boosted :)

Quotes make it much easier. The fact that I can't list the queries textually on mastodon without destroying them is also kinda fun.

Help I am obsessed with google searches that have exactly 1 result.

I appreciate this person with a 256 character name helping to fuzz my git tools in random projects. The name's mostly u0347 and u0e4e (both are combining characters).

Last week I found out there was a limited edition "Mad Hatter" tea.
Google tells me these things were sold in 2010, so I guess I might have had 8 year old Orange Pekoe in that airbnb in Whistler

Snow in Seattle is weird.
This isn't supposed to happen (picture from last night)

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