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hot linux distribution take 

debian would be a good linux distro if it didn't start every fucking service upon installation

I dream of one day spelling calendar right on the first try.

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2/3 calenders consulted think May 31st was a Thursday.
I think you're in the minority here, Echo.

You are not supposed to shave yaks to make them more aerodynamic

You are not supposed to farm yaks in order to have more of them to shave.

As of today I no longer work at Red Hat.
I've got some side projects and such lined up, which will doubtlessly be the subject of future toots.
It's exciting to be in unknown waters for me right now and I'm hoping it'll be a good experience!

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bad joke, jorts 

@ek After protests got violent they had to reinforce the outside of the courthouse. It became a tort jort snort court fort.

bad joke, jorts 

Did you hear about the individual who was arrested for illegally using jorts as drugs?

They went to court for a tort jort snort

Only a few days left in the linux factory!
I'm a little scared and reasonably excited to see how this stint of freedom goes.

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just realized that AOL instant messenger survived long enough to see itself become vaporwave
irb > "jeff bezos".chars.permutation.to_a.sample.join
=> "jobef zefs"

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mods can't use the moderator interface, send BGP shitposts

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ukpol shitpost 

@ek should've voted remain

how is stealing fonts so hard all i wanted was 8 letters for a dumb meme but now my meme has to use a worse font
my meme has been ruined and the british government switching fonts is to blame's packaging is top-notch.

The alternating 'doof' and '&knuckles' put a smile on my face.

Apparently .aero originally reserved all three letter domains for IATA codes, but only a couple hundred airports took them up on it

For a sense of scale on 'only 227 registered one', there are currently 9161 IATA airport codes


3 million lines of "if err != nil"

If you can't tell, I'm sorting through some old files.

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