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I'm at Rustconf tomorrow (and Portland for half a day today and Saturday)!

If anyone wants to meet up, let me know

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conspiracy theory:
firefox has services called “firefox sync” and “firefox send”
rust has traits called Sync and Send
firefox and rust are both mozilla projects


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death of a service 

back on broadway for yet another sold-out run:

act 1: a tool solves a problem
act 2: tool becomes well-known
act 3: dev sells tool
act 4: tool's new owners modify the software to spy on you

You can lead a horse to a bridge but you can't make em burn it

You can't judge a bridge by burning it

You can draw your friends, you can draw your nose, but you can't draw your line in the sand

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We'll cross that line in the sand when we draw it

Whe "docker help" opens a pinentry prompt, that's when you know you're beyond help (

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Someone posted a perkeep (formerly camlistore) mastodon importer for review.
If anyone wants to look through it or would use it, I'm sure the author would appreciate review

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hot linux distribution take 

debian would be a good linux distro if it didn't start every fucking service upon installation

I dream of one day spelling calendar right on the first try.

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2/3 calenders consulted think May 31st was a Thursday.
I think you're in the minority here, Echo.

You are not supposed to shave yaks to make them more aerodynamic

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