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vim: "Google, how do I quit?"
neovim: "Google, how do I escape :terminal mode?"

I am now the third fastest person to report a time for Celestial Resort, side B.
Third fastest can also be written as "slowest".
Wow did that take ages to finally beat without dying.

Have you ever wanted AGPL compliance in just one rust macro?

Introducing the "include_repo!" macro, to easily let you compile all your source code into your binary, ready to be served to your users.

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Hey everyone, I'm Sam. I'm friends with @ek,,, and probably others that I don't yet know in the fediverse. I work on Linux containers for a living.


Original commit that added it doesn't totally answer why it exists, but I guess it's the best I'll get for now. It was a lot shorter back then too!

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As far as I can tell, it works!

echo '..' | sed ..... => /home

echo 'foo/../foo' | sed ... => /home/esk/foo

But also why does this exist

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the best and worst implementation of realpath I've seen:

sed '/^[^/]/s@^@'"$PWD"'/@
s@[^/][^/]*//*\.\./@/@;t 0


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I'm happy to announce the release of pazi 0.1.0! If you spend lots of time in your shell, pazi might help you get around!

I'm at Rustconf tomorrow (and Portland for half a day today and Saturday)!

If anyone wants to meet up, let me know

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conspiracy theory:
firefox has services called “firefox sync” and “firefox send”
rust has traits called Sync and Send
firefox and rust are both mozilla projects


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death of a service 

back on broadway for yet another sold-out run:

act 1: a tool solves a problem
act 2: tool becomes well-known
act 3: dev sells tool
act 4: tool's new owners modify the software to spy on you

You can lead a horse to a bridge but you can't make em burn it

You can't judge a bridge by burning it

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