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I'll try to actually use some types and contracts for later ones. I haven't written any nickel at all before. This is an excuse to learn nickel. I should try and make myself learn the actually interesting features of nickel

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I've been saying I'll do advent of code in nickel this year. We'll see if I actually manage all the days.
Anyway, day1 is a gimme:

Learnings so far:
1. Using the nickel in nixpkgs gave me an 'array.sort' that did not in fact sort arrays. nickel built from master solved that
2. sorting ~240 numbers takes nickel 2s (>100s before updating)... this does not bode well for nickel being able to do the later numerical problems.

I like the 'yamato transport' logo so much.
It's a moving/package delivery company, and the logo is a cat transporting a kitten.
:kitten:🐱 (aww, no kitten emoji :( )

"The Gym told you to reject the evidence of your eyes. It was their final, most essential, step to making this route less confusing" - George Orwell's review of this black bouldering route at SBP

Looking at the list of prohibited items this moving company sent me:

> Items that cannot be shipped
> Documents/Books - Pornography and Political Documents
No political books, I bet that's easy to determine.

> Others - ... • Drugs • Large quantities of drugs
Seems redundant to have both those bullet points, but at least that seems easier to define.

mildly indecent language 

also, I uh.. I did not expect an example sentence like this from such a totally innocent google search. The result at the bottom of the image.

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> Cruces, the formal plural of crux

... sorry, what, _formal_ plural?
Like if you're at a fancy party you have to say "You see, the cruces of the matter are X and Y", but on the street you can just say "The cruxes are.."?

It's been another 6 months, the intervals are getting shorter!
I might actually be back for real!

Except also my life is going to be hectic with moving for the next ~month-ish. Does that mean no time to post? Does that mean stress-posting? Dear follower, if you don't click the unfollow button, we can find out together

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It's been 3 years, and I might be back again!
Like I also tooted 3 years ago, "we'll see" :)

I can't decide if I want to write down this thing that isn't on the internet for all to share in, or pass it along by word of mouth only for as long as possible.
Both seem appropriate.

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I played a card game with my family called "Sergeant Major" growing up. Years later, I've finally googled this game, and there's definitely a game by that name, but what we played is *not that*.
I could not google-fu my way to a single card game that matches what we played.
I find it so cool and weird that I know a card game rare enough I can't find it online. had a redis aof file corruption, which also brought down sidekiq. Your timeline might be missing some things while sidekiq catches up.
tbqh, I'm not sure if it will result in anything being missed or not.
I apologize for the issues, and intend to dig a bit more into how the initial corruption happened.

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This is the weirdest pkg-config invocation I've seen:

Yes, I'm reading that code because it didn't work in some case

vim: "Google, how do I quit?"
neovim: "Google, how do I escape :terminal mode?"

I am now the third fastest person to report a time for Celestial Resort, side B.
Third fastest can also be written as "slowest".
Wow did that take ages to finally beat without dying.

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