Ayyyyy actually got my e-ink display to render something! Now to try to build a useful display/renderer...

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Maybe the Real Ni🅱🅱a hours are the memes we made along the way

No one on mastodon posts about . College football season is back, baby 🏈🏈🎉🎉

Is the "federated" TL /EVERYONE/ on mastodon? or just the instances that my instance is peered with? or all the instances the people I follow are on? or???

Yeesh, no wonder everyone else isn't here yet. This is awfully confusing

LB: Now using halcyon.cybre.space/ for masto on desktop. much easier on my brain. Now I just have to follow more people...

Also, trying to browse other people's follows/followers doesn't work like I would expect it to?

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you know i think the columns could be a bit wider i think

This is going to end up just like the time I joined twitter back in 2007. Except this time I am going to be on an obscure instance and no one will know how to reach me

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Honestly I'm excited for mastodon to grow big enough that US media is soon gonna start covering it with weird half baked analogies trying to explain how it works. getting it wrong. and then spend the rest of the segment spreading fud and telling people to sign up for Microsoft® Bingle™ or whatever ridiculous shit social network someone paid them to push.

Maybe this is finally the weekend I properly reconfigure my wobserver :wob:

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how hard could federated mmo map servers with a global address space be anyways

Also, being tired at 8 led me to waking up at 2am... and now I don't really know what I'm supposed to do

What if you used mastodon as a document storage system? A thread could contain a document that is larger than the character limit. A chain of data-blocks. A blockchain.

Once we replace this massive RoR monolith, I won't be able to pull quick one-off data analysis with one-liners and trying to convince myself that it is a good thing is actually difficult.

It is going to take me longer to clear customs at YYZ than it took for them to VERIFY AND PRINT ME A NEW PASSPORT in seattle on friday

I dont know if I should, but masto will likely become more of a stream of consciousness for me.

Maybe I'll promote my best (worst) takes to Twitter Dot Com so the rest of my universe can hear me too.

This is all so exhausting for just a lil bit of social validation

Boxing Day, the day where Canadians make fun of Americans for not knowing the holiday traditions.

Don’t forget to have your boxed lunch today!

Today, I tried to setup Xen on my wobbox.

I now understand.

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