A person on the Internet opened a GitHub issue that the new version of software "eats babies". Why does anyone think that's an appropriate thing to say?

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I've been posting a lot more on twitter lately because the audience I have there -- a lot of techies, a lot of people folks who work at AWS -- needs a lot of this spelled out for them, moreso than here

I am so incredibly livid at our mayor for clearly not giving a shit, ignoring the demands of the people, and actively doing shit that proves how utterly fucking clueless white people are

I am so incredibly proud of the protesters and activists this entire past week -- as people made calls for police "reform" and "accountability", temporary institutions we tear down when it's convenient, our community today made the loud and clear demand to defund SPD

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antifascism does not end when the police are defunded

antifascism ends when there are no more fascists

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It never ceases to amaze me how simple code can be once you understand the problem you're solving.

A customer just literally wrote these words to me in an email: "I meant what I said when drunk last year."

I have spent all day on video conferencing calls.

3000-word blog post I started writing literally a month ago is all queued up to be published on Monday!

I just had a Zoom call with my dad and my sister. This is very weird.

"Second email, just to move it to the top of your inbox..""

wow, aggressive...

There's a readme in our repository with the subheading "no really" and it might just be my favorite thing in a readme.

Sometimes I think to myself: "Maybe software engineers shouldn't be allowed to use computers." Today is one of those days.

Anytime someone says "I guarantee it", I always ask "Am I going to like the way I look?"

(reads a document someone wrote at work)

Ugh, this word vomit smells really bad.

Sometimes you really just need to complete the thing that's been on your TODO list and keeps getting delayed...

Software that makes it easy to do the wrong thing and hard to do the right thing is my nemesis.

I'm trying to have an email conversation with a travel agent about a trip for me and my wife, and the agent keeps removing my wife from the To line...

It might be a problem how many times the word "variety" appears in this document so far.

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I am having Thoughts about Package Repositories and things are going rapidly downhill.

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