me (iliana): what if I had the resources to make a mesh network
a friend: did you know you can just become a CLEC and get pole access?

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@wobscale wait huh what you can just do that



i want to seriously look into this now

@ky0ko who knows, maybe!

it'll depend on how much the utility companies want to charge but I think the law states that they have to offer it maybe! we have no idea how much money seattle city light wants for pole access though

@wobscale Cool! Some quick searching indicates it may be a headache depending on state and locality, but maybe a bearable one. Good luck!

@wobscale I have dealt with a few CLECs and aspirational CLECs and unfortunately it takes considerable time and lawyer fees to register as a CLEC in a US state.

once that is done, you have to abide by the ILEC rules. often something as simple as running cable along existing poles can require lengthy & expensive "environmental impact" studies.

in my experience those resources would be better spent getting relatively inexpensive local loops to useful/LoS roof tops you can access cheaply.

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