It's been 3 years, and I might be back again!
Like I also tooted 3 years ago, "we'll see" :)

@hummingrain Depending on your cup of tea, I know stripe and chef have seattle offices, and I've heard okay stuff about them (though second hand).
Good luck in your search!

I can't decide if I want to write down this thing that isn't on the internet for all to share in, or pass it along by word of mouth only for as long as possible.
Both seem appropriate.

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I played a card game with my family called "Sergeant Major" growing up. Years later, I've finally googled this game, and there's definitely a game by that name, but what we played is *not that*.
I could not google-fu my way to a single card game that matches what we played.
I find it so cool and weird that I know a card game rare enough I can't find it online. had a redis aof file corruption, which also brought down sidekiq. Your timeline might be missing some things while sidekiq catches up.
tbqh, I'm not sure if it will result in anything being missed or not.
I apologize for the issues, and intend to dig a bit more into how the initial corruption happened. Oh no, I just looked at the map image it associated with that answer.
That heat scale...

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This is the weirdest pkg-config invocation I've seen:

Yes, I'm reading that code because it didn't work in some case

vim: "Google, how do I quit?"
neovim: "Google, how do I escape :terminal mode?"

I am now the third fastest person to report a time for Celestial Resort, side B.
Third fastest can also be written as "slowest".
Wow did that take ages to finally beat without dying.

Have you ever wanted AGPL compliance in just one rust macro?

Introducing the "include_repo!" macro, to easily let you compile all your source code into your binary, ready to be served to your users.

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Hey everyone, I'm Sam. I'm friends with @ek,,, and probably others that I don't yet know in the fediverse. I work on Linux containers for a living.

For anyone curious about the details, it's basically "ipv6"

In go's defence, the behaviour was fixed in go1.9, so it probably can't panic anymore (whoops, didn't realize that until I looked it up now) For bonus points, did you know that the `Addr` may not actually be what it's listening on?

That is to say, the following code can panic in some cases:

conn, err := net.Listen("tcp", ":8080")
if err != nil {
log.Fatal("couldn't listen")
_, err = net.Dial("tcp", conn.Addr().String())
if err != nil {
panic("this does happen in some cases")


Original commit that added it doesn't totally answer why it exists, but I guess it's the best I'll get for now. It was a lot shorter back then too!

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